Shining a spotlight on Vaughan seniors

City receives grant to support new Older Adult Strategy

Seniors are the fastest-growing segment of the population in Canada. In 2011, Census data revealed baby boomers made up almost 30 per cent of the population and that number will continue to grow until 2031 as many have yet to reach the age of 65.

In Vaughan, more than a quarter of the population are baby boomers and seniors make up 11.1 per cent. Recognizing the population of aging adults is growing, the City is developing an Older Adult Strategy to promote age-friendly communities, and to ensure that seniors lead longer and healthier lives. In an age-friendly city, policies, services and structures are designed so that older adults can safely and actively participate in community activities, regardless of age.

The City of Vaughan was recently awarded a $50,000 Age-Friendly Community Planning Grant through the Ontario Seniors Secretariat that will aid in the implementation of the Older Adult Strategy. The grant supports governments and community organizations to undertake strategic planning with a focus on seniors.

The strategy will address the evolving recreational, social, cultural and physical needs of seniors throughout the next 10 years and will have several objectives, including:

The City wants the community to get involved in developing this important strategy. Residents 55 years and older are encouraged to provide their input by taking the Older Adult Strategy survey available at Printed copies of the survey are available at community centres across the City.

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Visit the City of Vaughan’s website at

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