Youth spotlight: Summer Company Entrepreneurs Part II

Young entrepreneurs from Vaughan bring creative ideas to the community

The Summer Company mini series is back for the second year and this summer we’re featuring 24 new young entrepreneurs. We’ll be updating you throughout the summer on these innovative minds and their journey into the business community.

Summer Company is an annual program run by the Vaughan Business Enterprise Centre in partnership with the Ministry of Economic Development, Employment and Infrastructure that provides hands-on business mentoring to young entrepreneurs.

The City of Vaughan proudly supports the growth and entrepreneurial spirit of this community. Fostering youth entrepreneurship and small businesses helps Vaughan build a solid foundation for a successful community and future. 

This is the second feature of this year’s Summer Company participants.


Xinyue Shao

Xinyue Shao

KawaiiU – Xinyue Shao

Xinyue Shao had little luck finding a summer position that motivated and inspired her creatively. She approached Summer Company to turn her passion for arts, crafts, sewing and jewelry into a business venture. Shortly after, Xinyue launched KawaiiU, a custom-made jewelry and ready-to-wear apparel company. The Thornhill student enjoys spending her time gaining business experience and hopes that it can transition into a lifelong career.

Visit KawaiiU online or email Xinyue Shao for more information.


Uri Kest – Camp Ilan

Uri Kest opened Camp Ilan with the intent of providing a low-cost alternative for parents who want their kids to experience creative, high-quality activities. Camp Ilan is a day camp for Jewish Children in Vaughan where kids can learn new skills in woodworking, crafts and cooking while enjoying other activities such as sports and swimming.

Visit Camp Ilan online or email Uri Kest for more information.



Julian Fascio

Julian Fascio

Julian Fascio – Discount Furniture Assembly

Lack the time or tools to fully install and assemble flat-packed furniture? Not a problem. Julian Fascio started Discount Furniture Assembly to help the Vaughan community assemble their furniture and clean up any mess left behind. Julian takes pride in continuously improving his company’s customer service and makes sure that all needs are met before the job is complete.

Email Julian Fascio for more information on his Summer Company.


Victoria Young

Victoria Young

Victoria Young – Your Badge

Your Badge is a combination of Victoria Young’s marketing skills and passion for crafts. The creative Vaughan student started Your Badge to make customizable badges for all purposes. Victoria offers a variety of badges including pins, magnets, mirrors, key chains and bottle openers for advertising purposes or as lovely keepsakes for special events.

Email Victoria Young for more information about Your Badge.


Edward Kim

Edward Kim

Edward Kim – For Reasons Unknwn

For Edward Kim, he expresses his personality and experiences through fashion. With the help of Summer Company, Edward launched For Reasons Unknwn, a streetwear clothing brand with a contemporary and introspective aesthetic. The designs are representative of his experiences during university and earlier teenage years.

Email Edward Kim for more information on For Reasons Unknwn.


Eric Dolan – Neutun

Eric Dolan approached Summer Company to help fund his project Neutun. It is a seizure monitoring application that is used with wearables such as Pebble and Apple. The application helps people with epilepsy read data from a smartwatch accelerometer. The application also notifies users about any irregular activity to make aware of potential epileptic symptoms. Eric hopes to help people better understand their health and condition and to change the face of wearable healthcare technologies.

Visit Neutun’s website to learn more.

Raphael Costa, PhD
Small Business Consultant
Vaughan Business Enterprise Centre



Visit the City of Vaughan’s website at

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  1. Hi,

    Can you point out which entrepreneurs are from thornhill in case my editor wants me to write something up about this? I know it says first girl is from Thornhill…



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