City of Vaughan Archives showcases oldest artifact

City celebrates heritage on International Archives Day

In honour of International Archives Day, the City of Vaughan Archives is showcasing the oldest item in its collection. This 18th century prayer book was owned by Upper Canada deputy-surveyor John (Johann Friedrich) Stegmann.

Printed in French, this leather-bound copy of L’Imitation de Jesus Christ is a simple book that bears an ink inscription reading, “Mr. Beaupre gave me this book as a present. I hope whomever finds it will return it to him.” – Mr. John Stegmann.

International Archives Day celebrates the importance of public records and how archives bring to life valuable moments in Vaughan’s heritage. On June 9, visit the City of Vaughan Archives to learn more about our collection of treasures and the extraordinary history behind them.

The City of Vaughan Archives collects, preserves and makes available for research permanently valuable municipal and non-government records that document the rich and diverse heritage of the Vaughan community.

Jill Shaw
Archival Records Analyst
City of Vaughan Archives
City Clerk’s Office



Visit the City of Vaughan’s website at

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