How does Vaughan measure up?

Vaughan delivers snapshot of performance measures

Do you know how the City of Vaughan is measuring up to its goals? Checking the stats is easier than you think.

Residents can now track the City’s progress on a number of programs and services by checking out the online Performance Measurement Dashboard.

The Dashboard offers a snapshot of Vaughan’s yearly progress. Complex data is now easy to understand with the help of charts and indicators. A brief description and trend analysis are also included for each performance measure.


More than 60 key performance indicators that measure the City’s health are tracked and this helps Vaughan to recognize opportunities for improvement. Interested in how city services are ranked? Track anything from the number of new businesses created to how much waste is diverted from landfills in Vaughan every year. You can also see the ratings on the delivery of important services, such as fire and rescue, snow removal, recreation and culture programs and more.

What other statistics would you like to see in the Dashboard? Please let us know by sharing your comment below.



Visit the City of Vaughan’s website at

2 thoughts on “How does Vaughan measure up?

  1. Another important statistic should be services to assist seniors. Milton, Mississauga,and the GTA assist seniors/disbled with snow removal. Vaughan does nothing.


    • Hi Ron. Thank you for your comment. At the City of Vaughan, we are proud to offer some of the highest levels of snow-removal services to residents, including windrow clearing, a premium service that is not seen in most other GTA cities. While the City does not offer snow-clearing assistance on private property, we do recommend enlisting help from a family member, friend or neighbour if assistance is required. There are also a number of private snow-clearing businesses in the area that provide this service. Please check the Yellow Pages for listings.
      Also, the City of Vaughan blog has moved. Check us out at


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