The Way We Were: Archives Collection and Image of the Month Series

The main role of the City Archives is to manage government records with long-term business value. The City of Vaughan Archives also collects, preserves and makes available for research permanently valuable non-government records from the Vaughan community that document the rich and diverse heritage of the City of Vaughan. Every month we’ll share pieces of Vaughan’s heritage in a regular feature called The Way We Were.

To view more from the City’s archival collections, visit the City of Vaughan’s Facebook page.


1876 Membership Card for Woodbridge Agricultural Society

1876 Membership Card for Woodbridge Agricultural Society

Image of the Month: 1876 Membership Card for Woodbridge Agricultural Society

Membership cards for the West Riding of York and Township of Vaughan Agricultural Society (such as the one pictured above) were issued to paying members of the organization on a yearly basis. By presenting these “tickets” as proof of membership, Agricultural Society members could gain entry to exhibitions held by the society during the calendar year, as well as enter into competitions as members of the Woodbridge area.

Jesse Bryson Fonds (MG9)

Jesse Bryson Fonds (MG9)

Collection of the Month: Jesse Bryson Fonds

Former local politician, historian and conservationist, Jesse Bryson (1921-97) was a heavily involved member of the Vaughan community. Holding the position of Councillor and Deputy Reeve from 1957-65, Bryson was largely involved in numerous local and regional committees, both during and after his municipal council term, with his primary interest in the restoration and conservation of buildings, artifacts and records relating to the history of Vaughan Township. The Bryson fonds spans the years 1841-1990 (predominately from 1905-76), and contains textual records, photo prints, postcards and maps. The textual records in the collection consist of Vaughan Township council minutes, voters lists, reports, legal documents relating to Bryson’s property located on the east half of Concession 7, Lot 34, as well as posters, personal correspondence and newspaper clippings. They also show Bryson’s heavy involvement in local programs and municipal politics during his lifetime.

Jill Shaw
Archival Records Analyst
City of Vaughan Archives
City Clerk’s Office



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