The Way We Were: Archives Collection and Image of the Month Series

The main role of the City Archives is to manage government records with long-term business value. The City of Vaughan Archives also collects, preserves and makes available for research permanently valuable non-government records from the Vaughan community that document the rich and diverse heritage of the City of Vaughan. Every month we’ll share pieces of Vaughan’s heritage in a regular feature called The Way We Were.

To view more from the City’s archival collections, visit the City of Vaughan’s Facebook page.


Lutheran Prayer Book, 1784

Lutheran Prayer Book, 1784

Image of the Month: Lutheran Prayer Book, 1784

This Lutheran prayer book belonged to the Keffer family, who were among the first group of settlers to arrive in Vaughan Township in the early 1800s. The book itself is written in German and held within a leather bound, German-case binding. The cover and spine of the book are embossed and decoratively painted with floral designs in shades of green, pink and yellow, and outlined in black ink.

Vaughan Township Fire Department Fonds

Vaughan Township Fire Department Fonds

Collection of the Month: Vaughan Township Fire Department Fonds

The Vaughan Township Fire Department fonds is one of the Archives more fragmentary collections of City records, which consists of 8cm of textual records and approximately 62 photographs. The Township Fire Department came into existence around 1948 as a volunteer force within the municipality. Prior to the creation of this department, the Maple Volunteer Fire Brigade provided fire protection to Vaughan Township on a fee-for-service basis (beginning in 1929). In 1963, the Vaughan Fire Department was reorganized as a full-time professional force within the municipality and continues to serve the residents of the City today.

Jill Shaw
Archival Records Analyst
City of Vaughan Archives
City Clerk’s Office



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