What is Stormwater?

We’re doing a four-part mini-series on stormwater: what is it? Why should residents care? What is the City doing to help reduce the risk of flooding and erosion in Vaughan? What can residents do to help? We’ll cover those questions here.

The City of Vaughan’s stormwater management program supports flood protection, maintains water quality and helps in climate change mitigation if infrastructure is well maintained. To learn more, visit vaughan.ca/stormwater.

Here is the first post of this series:


Stormwater is rainwater and melted snow that runs off lawns, streets and other land surface.

The continuous movement of water recharges creeks and streams and gets filtered naturally, providing a cleaner, healthier water source.

Hard surfaces such as pavement and roofs prevent precipitation from naturally soaking in the ground. The stormwater that flows across these hard surfaces becomes runoff that can disrupt the normal water cycle and can cause serious problems.

Water can’t soak into the ground, and, as a result, moves too quickly into creeks and streams and hits them in a rush. This increases potential erosion and flooding.

Learn more about the City of Vaughan’s Stormwater Management Program: vaughan.ca/stormwater

Please take a moment and complete our stormwater survey. We appreciate your input!

Jennifer Rose
Director of Environmental Services



Visit the City of Vaughan’s website at vaughan.ca.

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