The Way We Were: Archives Collection and Image of the Month Series

The main role of the City Archives is to manage government records with long-term business value. The City of Vaughan Archives also collects, preserves and makes available for research permanently valuable non-government records from the Vaughan community that document the rich and diverse heritage of the City of Vaughan. Every month we’ll share pieces of Vaughan’s heritage in a regular feature called The Way We Were.

To view more from the City’s archival collections, visit the City of Vaughan’s Facebook page.


Valentine’s Cards, ca. 1980s

Valentine’s Cards, ca. 1980s

Image of the Month: Valentine’s Cards, ca. 1980s

Dating back to the Middle Ages, Valentine greetings first began in the form of songs or spoken-word poems and eventually evolved into the giving of gifts and paper cards. The oldest known Valentine in existence dates back to the 1400s and is housed at the British Museum. Cards in Vaughan’s archive collection are not nearly as old (with the earliest dating back to the 1940s), but contain the same general sentiment.

Patch Farm Fonds

Patch Farm Fonds

Collection of the Month: Patch Farm Fonds

Patch Farms (formerly Don Head Farms) was established by John D. Patterson in 1930 and specialized in the breeding and raising of championship Aberdeen-Angus cattle and Southdown Sheep. Although the farm itself was located in Richmond Hill, the Pattersons were longtime residents of Vaughan Township and descendants of the Patterson and Bros. farm machine manufacturing firm established in 1851. Following John’s death in 1940, Don Head Farms was sold to the Redelmeier family, who eventually renamed the property Patch Farms. The Patch Farm fonds spans the years of 1930-91 and consists of sheep and cattle pedigrees, lists of sale, herd registers, payroll books, newspaper clips, photo prints and miscellaneous items. Of particular note within the collection are six wood-mounted printer’s plates and original 8-millimetre footage of commercial and other activity on the farm from 1939-1952.

Jill Shaw
Archival Records Analyst
City of Vaughan Archives
City Clerk’s Office



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