10 Ways to Get Through Winter in Vaughan

Fight the Winter Chill and Snowfall with these Helpful Tips

Boy, was it a snowy day in Vaughan yesterday!

We all know how unforgiving Canadian winters can be, with chilling temperatures, frosty winds and heavy snowfalls. And who can forget last winter’s ice storm? As a city we banded together to brave the storm, and now we are more resilient and ready to face the remaining winter months.

We’ve got you covered with some great tips to embrace (or simply get through) any more snowfalls coming our way.

1. Don’t be late for work or school! Check Vaughan’s winter maintenance website regularly for updates on road closures and clearings.

2. Did you know? The City of Vaughan uses a mixture of road salt and performance enhancers to de-ice the roads. These alternative de-icers work faster at lower temperatures and don’t bounce off the road as easily as normal rock salt.

3. The snow is piling up. The City begins plowing when more than five centimetres (two inches) of snow have accumulated on the roads. Salt trucks are sent out when snow starts to fall.

4. Vaughan is the only municipality in the GTA that provides windrow-clearing service to all residents. Keep your driveways clear so snowplow crews can clean safely.

5. Don’t throw snow or ice on the road when clearing your driveway or sidewalk – it’s against the law and unsafe for your neighbours.

6. Vaughan has 53 snowplows. Find out where they are at all times by visiting the Where Is My Snowplow page on the City’s website.

7. EIGHTY: the percentage of snow that windrow machines are designed to clear from the end of your driveway.

8. TWENTY-FOUR: the number of hours within which residents and business are required to clear snow and ice from in front of their properties.

9. SIXTEEN: the number of hours the City aims to have all streets plowed after snowfall has ended.

10. Everyone needs to get somewhere, even with snow on the ground. Main streets with heavy traffic volumes are plowed first, followed by side streets and rear laneways.

For more information about Vaughan’s winter operations, visit vaughan.ca/snow.

Zoran Postic, MBA
Director of Transportation Services
Parks and Forestry Operations



Visit the City of Vaughan’s website at www.vaughan.ca.

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