EXPO Exclusive: Five Risks of Cyberfraud

How will your Hackability Score Boost your Business in 2015?

Vaughan Business EXPO: Selling 3.0

The Vaughan Business Enterprise Centre (VBEC) invites you to participate in the 13th annual Vaughan Business-to-Business EXPO: Selling 3.0 on Feb. 11 from 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. This year, the EXPO highlights the importance of relationships in a sales strategy. With a focus on “return on relationships” rather than “return on investment,” businesses will hear from industry experts about how to use social selling effectively and efficiently.

Register online, call 905-832-8526 or email VBEC@vaughan.ca.

Five risks of cyberfraud

Information technology and the Internet have become predictable topics for businesses, but more advertising and louder promotion may not be your ticket to success this year. And you may be in for a big surprise.

This year, according to three large studies published in 2014 by Symantec, IBM and Deloitte, there are five risks and opportunities to consider for the success of your business and the well-being of your organization — these constitute your company’s hackability score. So, what are they

1. Your customers.

Delight and protect them as they entrust you with their data. You don’t own it, but you are morally and legally required to keep it safe. Fifty-seven per cent of consumers report a distrust in companies with inadequate privacy practices. Ensuring compliance with privacy laws will give you a credibility boost and drive more business your way.

Ask yourself: How well do you demonstrate compliance with privacy law?

2. Your online identity.

Social media is now inextricably connected with you and your business. How you manage your identity online determines the power of your brand and the strength of your reputation. That means more business and better business opportunities every day of the year.

Ask yourself: How well do you manage your social media channels and protect your reputation?

3. How you stay connected.

Your Internet connectivity and network communications are the fundamental components of your marketing and support engine. Without reliable networking, your business may become ineffective. How you protect your connectivity and secure your computer networks will make the difference between managing information at light speed and fighting a losing fight against faceless attackers.

Ask yourself: How strong is your network security?

4. Property management.

In the real world, your real estate matters because it is a tangible asset that typically grows in value and is difficult to steal. Online, businesses depend on intangible possessions to establish trust and credibility. Domain names, email addresses and sensitive business information are unique to your organization and are targeted by identity thieves and fraudsters for profit. Every hacker’s first stop is to see how you protect those valuables. Show weak safeguards and you will be deprived of domains, websites and emails faster than you can say cyberfraud.

Ask yourself: How do you protect your domain name?

5. Website protection.

How you come across in cyberspace is often a marketing concern, but how you protect your site should be a matter of proper business management. Websites are very valuable tools for hackers to hijack your message, deface your online presence, send out illegal spam using your systems or invisibly carry out criminal attacks using your own server. Overlook the steps necessary to secure your web presence and your site will get hacked. Guaranteed.

Ask yourself: How safe is your website from hackers?

This leaves us with one question: does your business deserve to be trusted?

Registered attendees of the 13th annual Vaughan Business-to-Business EXPO: Selling 3.0 on Feb. 11 from 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. qualify for a free professional risk assessment. So be sure to register today!

See you at the Vaughan Business Expo!

CEO, Informatica Corporation
Guest Speaker at the 13th annual Vaughan Business-to-Business Expo
Twitter: @Datarisk
Website: www.verifynow.ca

Volunteer opportunity: tech-savvy students and young entrepreneurs

Are you interested in business and technology? Do you see a future filled with opportunity? Would you like to receive free professional training in security and privacy while making valuable business connections?

VBEC is seeking five exceptional students to participate in a research study for this year’s Vaughan Business-to-Business EXPO. If you are dependable, sharp and professional, send us your resume or professional bio to VBEC@vaughan.ca and tell us why you are interested in learning more about security and privacy. You will be contacted to confirm your qualification.



Visit the City of Vaughan’s website at vaughan.ca.

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