Remembering a Legend

A brief reflection on the life of Pierre Berton: author, journalist, television personality

Berton with Order of Canada

Berton with Order of Canada

A successful career

This week marks the 10th anniversary of the passing of long-time Kleinburg resident Pierre Berton (1920-2004). A noted Canadian author, journalist and television personality, Berton is remembered today for his immense contribution to Canadian history and literature.

Berton continues to be regarded as a serious popularizer of Canadian history. Some of his most noted achievements include:

Personal life

In his personal life, Berton and his wife Janet were active members of the Kleinburg community. They were heavily involved in various organizations and groups, including the Kleinburg Area Ratepayers Association (KARA), Heritage Vaughan and the Kleinburg Binder Twine Festival.

Many of the records of Berton’s activities, along with various certificates, first drafts, awards and correspondence, are housed in the City of Vaughan Archives, with more items expected to come in. The Vaughan Archives is fortunate to preserve the records of both Pierre Berton and Janet Berton, and is happy to make these materials available upon request.

Berton Fonds

Berton Fonds

Learn more:

The main role of Vaughan Archives is to manage government records with long-term business value. Vaughan Archives also collects, preserves and makes available for research permanently valuable non-government records from the Vaughan community that document the rich and diverse heritage of the City of Vaughan.

For more information, visit the City of Vaughan Archives webpage.

To view more from the City’s archival collections, visit the City of Vaughan’s Facebook page.

HAVE YOUR SAY: How did the life and/or works of Pierre Berton affect your life? Was it with a famous quote or book? Share your story – leave a comment!

Jill Shaw
Archival Records Analyst
City of Vaughan Archives
City Clerk’s Office



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