This young entrepreneur is shaking up Vaughan’s tech scene

My name is Daniel Weisberg and I launched my company DW Applications in June 2014 with the assistance and dedication of the Vaughan Business Enterprise Centre (VBEC) and Summer Company.

Throughout my business venture, I received funding to program, design and construct a device that is able to control servos, LED lights, speakers, sensors and relays in a robot using Bluetooth communication from an Android phone or tablet. I am currently working on additions such as CCTV camera compatibility, virtual joysticks and sensor feedback from an Android.

My mentors showed me how to successfully market my device using different outlets. I received invaluable suggestions to improve my product and generate more interest from my target audience. My biggest success was the opportunity to partner with an individual experienced in marketing tech products. I also met with the former president of the largest inventor group in Canada to discuss my company’s future.

Starting my own business through Summer Company helped me learn the fundamentals of creating and marketing a new product. Here are my tips for success for anyone interested in starting a similar business:

  • Research the materials you need and find low-cost manufacturers to keep your profit margins wide.
  • Research the market and be innovative so your product is unique and stands out from the competition.
  • Take time designing and programming your product and ensure it is foolproof before launching.
  • Don’t spend too much time perfecting your device. I learned this the hard way and it cost me a lot of my early sales.
  • Provide kits with instructions. People often prefer to select what they want to build and follow instructions to build it. I made the mistake of offering my product without any add-ons in the beginning.
  • Join VBEC and register for the 2015 Summer Company program to launch or expand your business.

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Completing the Summer Company prompted me to start thinking about my future career. This experience showed me that entrepreneurship opens many doors, especially for high-school students like me. Many things are possible if you’re dedicated and you work hard.

Daniel Weisberg
Guest Blog Contributor
Founder of DW Applications






About VBEC
VBEC has been working hard to grow business in Vaughan through entrepreneurship. This year’s Summer Company program featured 28 local students. The program gives Vaughan’s most experienced entrepreneurs the chance to mentor and teach business fundamentals to future entrepreneurs.

VBEC is a source for business information and assistance in Vaughan, and is committed to helping local companies grow their business by bringing businesses, organizations, government and community together to achieve business success. Some of VBEC services include:

  • Business consultation and mentorship
  • Market readiness tools and commercialization support
  • Access to Federal and Provincial government grants
  • Market research, intelligence and business information
  • Youth entrepreneurship programs
  • Business workshops, seminars and events
  • Business registration



Visit the City of Vaughan’s website at

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