Vaughan Elections App Will Keep Voters Informed

Vaughan Elections App
The new elections app is an exciting new channel for sharing important information with the voting public. Key information will be as close as a person’s pocket. Right now we’re focusing on the voters’ list, but that focus will change as voting day approaches. The most exciting thing about the app is that the relevant information will be customized to the voter. 

Importance of voting
Voting is a fundamental right of our democracy. When you vote, you are selecting the people who will make the laws and policies that determine how our City functions and how we live and work together.

Municipal government is involved in many aspects of our daily lives – maintaining roads and sidewalks, providing clean water, collecting waste and recycling, clearing the snow, caring for children and the elderly, running public transit, supporting the arts, and protecting residents.

Features of the elections app
The elections app has been designed to help residents stay up to date and informed about the Vaughan municipal elections in October.

The free app has a number of features including information for voters, a link to so residents can check to see if they are on the voters’ list, a City Twitter feed devoted to election-related topics and contact information for the Vaughan elections team.

Additional features will be added to the app in the coming months and will include a list of advance voting dates and locations, and the ability for users to find out their voting location on Voting Day.

The elections app can be downloaded from the Apple App Store, Android Market and Blackberry World.

For more information about the elections app, visit

Jeffrey A. Abrams
City Clerk and Returning Officer for the City of Vaughan

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