Celebrating a True Role Model


As we celebrate Andrew Wiggins Day in Vaughan it’s important to understand what this means. It’s not just about one Canadian kid being selected high up in the NBA draft. It’s not just about Andrew being from Vaughan (Thornhill to be exact). And it’s not just about the hard work and dedication it took for Andrew to get there.

It’s about much more than that.  Andrew is a true role model for young people and young athletes from across this country. He is someone young people can look up to as an example of how you can achieve your dreams through hard work and dedication.

As a City Councillor, I take pride in seeing one of our local residents rise to the top of his field, going from a young athlete who frequented our Dufferin Clark Community Centre and played basketball for Vaughan Secondary School, to a college basketball star who is about to make Canadian history as our nation’s top pick in the NBA draft.  

I brought forward the motion to declare June 26 Andrew Wiggins Day in Vaughan because I believe accomplishments like this should be celebrated. More than that, I truly believe we should rally around Andrew Wiggins on this huge day in his endeavours. He represents true Canadian values, spirit and drive, and shows us nothing is impossible.

Congratulations, Andrew! Thornhill, Vaughan and all of Canada are proud of what you have accomplished.

— Ward 5 Councillor Alan Shefman

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