Vaughan Summer Camps: give your kids an unforgettable adventure!

Vaughan Summer Camps
Looking for a summer camp that offers creativity, learning, leadership, teamwork, co-operation and a self-confidence boost? Get with Vaughan Summer Camps!

Our Vaughan camp staff go above and beyond to offer fun, learning and peace of mind. They:

  • Are certified in Standard First Aid and CPR
  • Have undergone a Police Vulnerable Sector Check screening
  • Are trained in the High Five Principles of Healthy Child Development
  • Possess pre-camp training, including program planning, managing challenging behaviour and risk management

Campers are treated with respect, honesty and trust to ensure a fun, valuable and memorable camp experience.

Check out the variety of camps available to suit your child’s needs!


Creative, Culinary and Performance Arts Camps
Let your child’s creativity flow either through our creative arts camps or by cooking up a storm in our culinary cooking camp.

Does your child like to move and groove to “da” beat? Swayed to strike-a-chord? Or bitten by the acting bug? Well, we’ve got you covered with a performance arts camp sure to bring on the excitement!

Recreational, Outdoor Adventure and Sports Camps
Get adventurous outdoors and connect with nature. There are opportunities to hike, build shelters, swim, canoe, kayak and create your own campsite. Adventure awaits!

Kick it up with our sports camps and perfect basketball, floor hockey, softball, soccer and tennis skills and much more!

Giddy up and join the adventure at the ol’ corral. Learn to ride a horse with trained professionals during the Camp Corral: Junior camp experience.

And the fun always continues with crafts, swimming and special events.

Water Adventures and Aquatics Camps
Make a splash in our water adventure camps, great for those looking to perfect their swimming skills, improve overall fitness and practice aquatic sports. Learn lifesaving techniques in our Vaughan lifesaving camp.

Special Needs Camps
The City of Vaughan is committed to making summer camps and programs accessible to children of all abilities. Our summer camps for children with special needs offer one-on-one support and leisure buddy options to promote inclusivity and fun. Whether cuisine, healthersize, confidence building or arts and crafts is your interest, we have a camp just for you!


Leadership Camps
Looking to gain valuable work experience? Our leadership camps are the perfect tool to help get you going. Our camps focus on everything from perfecting the basics of entrepreneurship to acquiring Counsellor-in-Training certification in the essential skills of the High Five Principles of Healthy Child Development, program planning and special event development.

Our Learning to Lead summer camp offers participants the opportunity to prepare a work portfolio and lead workshops on problem solving and team building. Gain the skills you need for leadership success!


For detailed program descriptions and complete registration information and registration forms, visit

Vaughan Summer Camps: give your kids an unforgettable adventure!

All photos taken at City of Vaughan Summer Camps 2013

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