Emergency Preparedness Week: Know the Risks

We’re doing an Emergency Preparedness Week mini series featuring tips and information on preparing your family to survive an emergency situation for 72 hours. The City of Vaughan will be marking Emergency Preparedness Week from May 4 to 10. For more information, visit www.vaughan.ca/PrepE.

The City is committed to encouraging residents to be prepared to cope on their own for at least the first 72 hours of an emergency while rescue workers help those in urgent need.

Here is the first post in the series:


Know the Risks

As a resident of the City of Vaughan, it is important to know the potential hazards that are a threat to our community, including their associated risks. This allows us to create plans to prepare for specific emergencies. Vaughan is exposed to different hazards at different times in the year. Winter storms, power outages, extreme heat, health emergencies/epidemics, floods, tornados and earthquakes are all examples.


Your family’s emergency plan should include responses to all potential hazards. Many hazards require different response plans, so one universal approach will not apply to all situations.

Are you and your family prepared with a plan for each risk?

As part of the PrepE Emergency Preparedness Campaign, the City has a series of videos that are designed to inform residents about the importance of being equipped for emergency situations. The videos can be viewed at youtube.com/thecityofvaughan.

For more information, visit http://www.getprepared.ca/ or www.vaughan.ca/PrepE.

Sharon Walker
Manager of Emergency Planning
Vaughan Fire and Rescue Service

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