Spring cleanup in Vaughan: FAQs

Q: Spring has sprung — has cleanup begun?

A: Yes. It’s time for spring cleaning in the City of Vaughan and crews will be out across the City in the coming weeks cleaning up litter and debris on roads and public property, checking for road damage and potholes, cleaning up City parks, and continuing to remove tree debris from the December ice storm.

Q: What’s happening with tree cleanup?

A: Beginning April 1, Parks and Forestry crews will start the spring tree cleanup. It will include removing tree branches left on roadways, boulevards and City-owned land.

Residents have been advised to bring their large tree branches to the curb for crews to remove. The entire spring tree cleanup is estimated to be completed at the end of May:

  • First city-wide pickup — April 2 to May 9
  • Second city-wide pickup — May 12 to approximately June 13

Q: How can I do my part?

A: Here’s what you can do to make sure forestry crews are able to collect tree debris:

  • Place large tree branches in neat piles near the curb
  • Make sure large butt-ends of tree branches are facing the street
  • Make sure branches are not blocking sidewalks, roadways or impeding views for pedestrians and drivers
  • Do not pile branches next to tree trunks as this may interfere with tree stump removal operations

If you miss the first city-wide pickup, branches will be collected during the second pickup from May to June.

Q: What if I can’t wait for crews to collect the branches?

A: If you are unable to wait for City crews to collect the branches on your property, here are some alternative options available to you:

For more information on tree removal, please visit vaughan.ca/icestorm.

Q: What about leaf and yard waste collection?

A: Leaf and yard waste collection began April 1 — one week earlier than last year. This is to assist residents with cleanup efforts of smaller tree debris. City crews have also begun picking up litter and debris on roads and boulevards. This will continue on a daily basis throughout the spring months.

Q: What else are City crews doing to clean up Vaughan’s streets?

A: A city-wide spring street sweeping program will begin in mid-April, once all road surfaces are clear of ice and snow. Following an initial sweeping, City crews will continue to sweep all roadways on a 20- to 25-day cycle.

Q: When will City parks and facilities be open for public use?

A: Park cleanup will begin once all the ice and snow has melted and areas become more accessible. However, the opening of sports fields in the City of Vaughan has been delayed until Monday, May 5 because of the long winter season.

City staff have been evaluating the condition of the natural turf fields and have determined there will be a two-week delay to the start of the baseball and soccer seasons due to the current state of the fields. The playing fields will continue to be evaluated over the next few weeks and updates will be provided if field conditions warrant any further delays.


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