Earth Hour 2014 Series: Power down and charge up for Earth Hour

We’re doing an Earth Hour 2014 mini series featuring tips and information on conserving energy and living green. The City of Vaughan will be celebrating Earth Hour at Vaughan City Hall on March 29 beginning at 6:30 p.m. Activities include an energy conservation exhibit, lantern making, a cycling night ride and much more. For more information about Vaughan’s Earth Hour event, visit

The City is committed to addressing local environmental issues. A key priority is to engage residents, partners and stakeholders and develop a comprehensive and sustainable made-in-Vaughan approach to maintaining a healthy environment, vibrant communities and economic vitality within the City.

Here is the second post in the series:


When it comes to conserving energy, powering down and turning off lights for Earth Hour, your immediate thought may be to dig around in your cupboards for the candles and matches. But energy conservation is so much more than just turning off your lights. Here are some ways that you can power down and charge up for Earth Hour:

Power down
Governments and utility companies are promoting conservation programs as the new source of energy that will power homes and workplaces now and for the future. Conservation is the gateway to a sustainable energy future for our community.

Incentive and rebate programs offered by the Ontario Power Authority include:

Charge up
While Earth Hour promotes powering down and conserving electricity, it’s also about charging up for a cleaner climate future. Driving gasoline or diesel-fuelled vehicles produces harmful climate-changing greenhouse gas emissions. So what’s the alternative?


When produced from renewable sources like solar and wind generation, electricity is one of the best sources of clean energy. This energy not only powers homes and businesses but it can also fuel vehicles.

The electric vehicle market is rapidly expanding. This year’s Earth Hour Vaughan event will feature an electric vehicle exhibit by Plug’n Drive, an Ontario-based non-profit organization working to accelerate the use and expand the awareness of the economic and environmental benefits of electric vehicles.

Plug’n Drive is inviting all electric vehicle owners to cruise up to Earth Hour Vaughan at City Hall in their electric vehicles and share their opinions and experiences of driving electric. Curious about how cars charge up? Take a stroll by Vaughan City Hall’s electric vehicle charging station. Want to know more about what it’s like being an electric vehicle owner? Visit the Plug’n Drive booth during the professional energy conservation exhibit, starting at 6:30 p.m. at Vaughan City Hall on March 29.

Tracy Wright, MPhil Env.
Sustainability Co-ordinator
The Environmental Sustainability Office

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