Do you have an opinion about residential parking in Vaughan?

The City of Vaughan is conducting a review of residential parking in Vaughan, including in “new urbanism” areas.

New urbanism refers to areas with narrower streets, houses situated closer to the road and parking for a minimum of two vehicles. In some of the new urbanism neighbourhoods in Vaughan, concerns have expressed about parking vehicles on the street or in front yards. Others have expressed support for a parking solution for additional vehicles.

The City needs your participation and input into the proposed parking solution.

Proposed residential parking solutions in Vaughan
A Committee of the Whole report and presentation outline the proposed parking solutions for residential parking. A draft technical report is also available.

In this approach to parking, the two proposed options are:

  1. Proposed On-street Paid Permit Parking: this program would only be implemented on streets where it is safe to do so, and through a petition process, where residents could apply for on-street paid permit parking. The number of parking spaces available will be determined during the study. The number of parking spaces on the street will determine the maximum number of parking permits available.
  2. Driveway Widening and Proposed On-lot/Front-yard Parking: the City currently has a curb cut and driveway widening program which residents can use to widen their driveways. Residents can also obtain a minor variance from the City of Vaughan Committee of Adjustment to widen their driveways.

How you can participate
Your feedback on this matter is important to the City. Here is how you can get involved:

  1. Take this short survey on the proposed residential parking solutions.
  2. Attend a public meeting in your ward:

For more information, contact Jennifer Rose at 905-832-8585, ext. 8745, or

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