Survey: Improving waste collection services in Vaughan

Have your say about waste collection in Vaughan

The City of Vaughan delivers waste collection services to residents, commercial buildings, facilities, parks, public spaces and at special events.

As part of our continuous improvement program, we’re seeking your input on how the City can improve solid waste collection services. Take the Solid Waste Collection Feedback Survey now so that we can work toward making the delivery of this service even better.

Addressing the issue: Canada Post super mailboxes

We are also trying to address the litter issue that has emerged since the installment of Canada Post super mailboxes. Some residents are leaving their junk mail on the sidewalks, boulevards and roadways around super mailboxes instead of recycling them.

This is also an important issue and we welcome any feedback from the public on ways in which we can curb roadside litter around super mailboxes.

Poll: Service and taxes

Would you be willing to pay more in taxes to receive even better waste collection services?



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